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Tip Of The Day- 28,105 sunrises

I thought about this as I was running through the snow in temps hovering just above 0ºF. It was really a simple thought about how I made the choice to leave the roaring fire and amazingly embracing comfort of my home and get out for a run. You see I had told my self I needed to get in a longer run and in the hours preceding my departure I had avoided it at all costs. I made excuses and laid around on the couch, I played with my son and hugged my wife. I would look out into the snow while enjoying my endless cup of coffee, but I new deep down in side I had to run. Now I don’t particularity like to run however I need to. I need to get the old blood pumping and get something active going on every day, and of course there is that pesky little race. And that was exactly the thought I was having as I stepped into the snow and wind and the feeling grew stronger as I passed my usual turn around and added a few more miles to my run.

Carpe Diem-seize the day-get er done-just do it…what ever it is for you surely you know the value in just getting off your ass and doing it. It doesn’t have to be a run or hike or ski or bike ride, hell it doesn’t even have to be something physical but what you should know is that the average American lives about 77 years which equals only about 28,105 sunrises. Keep that in mind next time you put “it” off until tomorrow or when the time is right or the weather is just right. Remember that this day may be your last and for each day you put off your goals it will take twice as long to reach them.

I hope to see you out there in any weather doing what makes you feel great!

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