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Tip Of The Day: Learn By Doing

Lets face it, for as easy as it is to get outside and hike or camp there are tons of little bits of knowledge that will help develop you as an outdoors person as well as make it more enjoyable. Our society has been based on learning as something that is best done under the buzz and dull light of florescent bulbs, all while we sit in rigid chairs, and stare at chalk board and book.

Yeah, sure this is great for quantum physics, but the best way to learn any "natural" skill is by doing it. Sure you can learn how to ID flora and fauna from the guide books, but the difference it makes to ID them as living creatures make a world of difference. The best way to get familiar with orienteering is to get outside with map and compass, the best way to build a fire…do it, then cook a great new to you camp meal. Oh yeah I guess that would cover experimenting with new camp recipes!

Remember that we are at our base and best, animals. Sure we've got this big ol' brain and all of these thoughts and emotions and such, just don't forget that we ARE animals. It is just that over the years of air conditioning and soap operas we've become the best prey; fat, slow, and dumb.

So get outside and teach yourself something new today. Get dirty and work, bleed, cry, face your fear of the unknown, learn something new, and laugh, just tap into your inner beast….one day it may just save your life, but for now it'll definitely save your sanity!

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