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Titan Stormproof Matches/UCO Gear

DESCRIPTION: Burly Stormproof Matches
MSRP: $9.99

The Titan Stormproof Matches are praised as the best storm proof match out there. Their claim to fame, a flame lasting up to 25 seconds per match in the harshest of conditions. My trial with the Titan Stromproof Matches didn’t offer up such extremes. I did however try them out on a windy and cold 12° F night, with a slight snow dusting coming down. I was impressed with the flame that the matches threw. It was a large flame that came off a fast ignite, but I can’t say my match lasted a full 25 seconds. Mine was approximately 17 seconds. However, I did put it up against both a comparative stormproof match from a well known outdoor retail store, as well as a common strike anywhere match. Much like the picture below, the comparison to the flame from each match seemed relevant to the match head and total size of the match. Top match being the UCO Titan, competitive storm proof match middle, and bottom the strike anywhere.
The basic storm proof match lasted just under 10 seconds and the kitchen strike anywhere 4 seconds total, including the burning of the wood handle. I’m not saying that the Titan Stormproof Match doesn’t produce a 25 second long burn time, it just didn’t on this occasion. Be mindful of the windy conditions, and the factor of how the match is held. If a match is inverted it will burn faster as the flame follows it’s full source. Not all fires and builds are the same, but due to the deep pit I was using in response to the windy conditions I needed to invert the match while applying it to the tinder at the base. I recently used the Titan Stormproof Match again in different conditions resulting in a much longer lasting total burn time, of 23 seconds. With, that being said and the match producing two fires with only two matches, I do think that 25 matches at the $9.99 price tag is a decent price. One thing I really like about these matches is their girth. The match is strong, sturdy, and easy to handle even with gloves on. That was quite impressive to me.
The Titan Stormproof Matches are available either by the box or in easy to use water tight capsules. If there is a big dog in the stormproof match game, the Titan is it. These matches will be in stock and a regular staple amongst my personal gear from now on.
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