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Tivoli Helles Lager “the Original”

Just in time for summer, here is a great beer that can be drank on a porch after mowing the lawn, or after a vigorous bout with a 14er, Tivoli Helles Lager is a perfect companion for your summer adventures or summer relaxation. The oldest Colorado brewery brings this beer to us, yes even before Mr. Adolf Coors showed up himself. Because of how old it is, it has a lot of German styles that influence its recipe and you can tell from the color, aroma and taste.

This beer is not like your typical Lager, it has a bit more malts, just like a true Munich Helles, which ends up giving it an almost sweet taste. This is balanced out from the Czech Pils hops, which reels in that sweetness and adds some hints of bitterness. At right around 5% ABV, this is a perfect beer that you can have a couple of and still get stuff done.

Enjoy this beer and let it take you on a journey straight back to the golden years when Denver was being introduced to the US for the first time and say hello to the Founder of Coors while you’re there.

Head on over to the First & Main Town Center Concert Series tonight from 3:30-7pm to try it yourself!!

-Eddy M.

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