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Toe Jam Holdz

Toe Jam Holdz

SIZE: Varies by series

MSRP: Varies by series

Pulling on plastic is a great way to not only stay in climbing shape in the off season, but it is also a great way to get a quick session in if you're stuck indoors due to lack of time or crappy weather. Toe Jam Holdz is a great new company based in North Carolina that is really putting out some great shapes. We scored a few of their holds for this review and are pretty stoked with the texture and design.

Among the holds we tested were two Fine Line slopers and three holds from their Dempster series.

The Fine Line slopers are dialed for slightly over hanging walls and offer just enough friction to delicately stick a few pads to with out peeling off straight away. By messing around with the placement I really got a feel for the thought Toe Jam put into the shapes. With just enough lip on the top edge you can find nice purchase for some great side pull action as well as your standard vertical down pull. In addition to the flowy shape of the upper lip I was also stoked to be able to integrate my thumb for added friction due to the over all thickness of the holds.

The Dempster series is a dialed 2-3 finger micro jugs that are designed to be used in every conceivable orientation. With a primary in-cut lip across the top you can find a bomber place for dynamic moves or switch the orientation around and pray to all things holy that you can hold fast to the unique profile of the lower side. Designed for competition setting these holds are made for tight matches and powerful moves.

As you know all climbing is subjective and one man's stellar holds are the bane of another's climbing existence. I for one dig these holds and look forward to Toe Jam Holdz's future offerings, they have their recipe dialed and their shaping prowess is bomber. 

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