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TrekSta Edict Trail Runner


MSRP: $135

Weight: 13.3 oz (M11)

Material: Mesh Nylon Construction

Outsole: HyperGrip

The TrekSta Edict Trail Runner with NesFit Technology asks, "Why make your foot conform to a shoe, when there's a shoe that conforms to your foot?"

The TrekSta Edict Trail Runner uses a combination of exclusive technologies that marry the natural fit feel of a barefoot running show together with the support and comfort of a heavier, durable trail shoe.

One of these innovative technologies the TrekSta Edict uses is the NesFit design. This system is designed to cradle to the natural flow of your foot. This is done by merging the layers of the upper, insole, midsole, and out sole of the shoe to comfortably wrap around your foot's curves, that adds support to vital areas.  

The Treksta Edict uses a HyperGrip sole that really bites down on the trail. This super sticky outer sole performed great for me on/in sand, scree, mud, lose dirt, gravel, and ice. I started using the Edicts on trail in early Spring. For Colorado that means these shoes got to see a little bit of everything. In the snow my feet got a little wet, and cold came with that. With any mesh shoe construction that should be expected. What I didn't expect was how fast they'd dry. That was thanks to their upper nylon mesh construction. This design not only helped to dry my feet, it did an amazing job of keeping them cool in the warm weather too. It was like having all the windows in your car down and having a refreshing breeze hit your face. My feet tend to burn up pretty fast, but with this breathable mesh my dogs stayed cool and comfortable for longer, resulting in more distance traveled. Though the shoe's materials and basic make are from a nylon mesh I still really enjoyed them on the cooler days too.   

The shoe is designed to be a trail runner with a minimalist feel, but there is nothing minimal about the Edict's performance. I pushed these shoes to the limits and then pushed some more. They were so comfortable and sturdy as a trail runner, I decided to use them for some backpacking trips as well. Over twenty miles of trail time with a heavy pack on and they held up great. I had a couple close calls with ankle rollers, but the shoes didn't give. The ankle support rebounded great and I kept on my way. Used and abused, the Treksta Edicts held up strong and are ready for more. Hats off to TrekSta, the Edicts are an awesome overall outdoor shoe capable of doing so much more than they are originally designed for. 

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