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Tru Fit Universal Trainer


Materials: 2x strap webbing made with aluminum handles, climbing grade hardwear and buckles for an incredible variety of exercises

MSRP: $200

Warranty: Lifetime

While work out gimmicks are a dime a dozen these days, the TruFit Universal Trainer has undeniable benefits. By using the age old practice of utilizing your own body weight as the resistance point this up to date system is a fantastic easy to use exercise platform that you really have no excuse for not using.

Comprised of two sections of webbing a few carabiners, clips and other hardware pieces Adam White of TruFit has made a bomber system designed to be implemented anywhere. Oh and did I mention TruFit only uses climbing grade hardware sourced from MadRock? 

Before I break it down Barney style for you I wanted to clear up the main question I know you're already asking. Yes, you could make some semblance of this at home if you have a reasonable amount of skill. However, to make the same quality of product with the wide variety of options and amazing hardware would not be possible for less than what you would pay for this unit. You see TruFit takes real climbing rated hardware and build this training system to last. The idea of body weight training is not new, nor is training with rings. But what is new is the approach that TruFit has. They are not out to simply sell you another catchy product like the infamous Shake Weight that we all know and love…

They actually do seem to care about health and fitness. So much so that Adam and John White, the founders of the company, travel through out the country to help schools and youth programs advance by utilizing this safe and durable system. 

Mtn Mama and I have used the TruFit system enough to notice the amazing difference it can make. And trust me there is no more humbling experience than to be shaking like a 90lb weakling while trying to work out with your own weight. Gone are the days of weight benches and gym memberships, by utilizing your own body weight at increased or decreased angles you can effectively trim down a tone up.

Re-reading what I just wrote I realize that this sounds like a sales pitch and it should I guess, I really believe this is a well researched, bomber piece of gear that can keep folks dialed in on fitness goals.

Let's face it we all want to be in great shape, and although round is a shape, it is not the first shape that you want to imagine when thinking of yourself. And while for the vast majority of us the idea of working out by slinging weights is not something that does not appeal to us we do understand the benefits of weight training and conditioning as a part of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The system is comprised of two individually adjustable pieces of stitched webbing that have a rappel ring stitched towards one of the looped ends and the aluminum handle on the other. To use the system you simply slide the buckle up or down to increase or decrease the angle that your body is to the ground, by decreasing the angle you are intensifying your work out and vice versa. This simple set up and the easy to follow instructions will have you sweatin to the oldies in no time. The best thing about this unit is that it really hones in on your stabilizer muscles that we so often count on but never seem to be able to strengthen with standard linear gym exercises. From core to back, arms, and legs this simple ring system can get it all.

Set up is a cinch provided you have something to attach it to. I used a pull up bar, a tree limb, top rail of a playground monkey bar, and even a few anchors in my basement climbing cave. Adjusting the length of the webbing is easy with the slide locks and the resistance is based off of your own strength and comfort. Some of the exercises that are included in the instructions are freaking brutal, and dare I say nearly damn impossible….for now.

Well I guess that is really all that I can say, now it's up to you to check out their website, call Adam or John and pick their brains. Once you really take a look at the system and realize what you can do with this simple device you might feel like a salesmen too!



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