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TRVE Brewing Grey Watcher

SIZE: 12 oz
ABV: 4.8%

TRVE (Pronounced true) Brewing in Denver is a heavy-metal brewery, cause that’s a thing now. Thanks 3 Floyds. It is always an awkward experience for me going there. Most of their patrons wear black, or some shade of black. This makes my obnoxious plaid shirt and bright Patagonia jacket stick out…kinda like most of these people do in the sun. There is something playing on the record player that usually has screaming in it. There are skulls on the wall and artwork usually involving circles and stars or triangles in a combination that I don’t know what they mean (but they mean something and I’m pretty sure they don’t mean smiles or rainbows). All of these things aren’t really up my alley. However, I do relate to their tap list every time I’m in there. They make good beer. Don’t order a taster. Just order a full pour of anything and you won’t be disappointed. Now they make some “shelf beer” too! Grey Watcher is that, a shelf beer. I don’t mean it is always on the shelf but that’s where I bought this one. When I say shelf beer, I mean you didn’t have to wear out your F5 key trying to buy overpriced tickets to get into an event that you wait in line at anyways so you can be first to then pay more money to buy beer that is too precious to drink. Grey Watcher is a grisette. A session Belgian/French easy drinking beer that is usually slightly tart but always refreshing. This one is awesome. I love tart table beers as much as these dudes probably love black nail polish. Grisettes are cool. They are rustic, earthy, tart, and not 10% so you can have one with breakfast. If you see a grisette, especially Grey Watcher, on the shelf buy it and try it.

The Beta

Pairs well with a penance of having to scrub your bike because you rode 30 miles and did an awesome job avoiding muddy trails but one stupid half mile stretch of boring connector trail did you in during a thaw.

Session beer that isn’t an IPA and has flavor!

Look around when in a Denver liquor store, you might get lucky.

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