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SIZE: 375ml
ABV: 4.8%

I giggled as I drank this beer. I couldn’t help but picture the all black wearing staff of TRVE in a field with wicker baskets picking elderflowers. Its just not the image that pops into your head when you think of a brewery that decorates their taproom with skulls. It is still noticeably a TRVE beer. The label is decorated with a six-armed cloaked wolf yielding a sword, holding a snake, and pouring a beer. So you’re drinking a beer with flowers in it, but maintaining your street cred at the same time.

This is a really good beer. It is described as a sour amber ale fermented in oak with bret and lacto and spiced with elderflower and orange peel. It comes across as Flanders Red to me. It has a very very light reddish hue closer to brown. Acidic, but not enough to peel off the enamel from your teeth. The spices blend really well together. That blending might have more to do with the age of the bottle as this wasn’t opened fresh. This beer and some of the other recent offerings prove to me that TRVE opening the Acid Temple was a great idea!

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