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TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars

TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars

DESCRIPTION: TurboPUP 'Complete K9 Meal Bars' are baked, and made with 100% natural, grain-free, human grade, American-sourced ingredients. TurboPUP bars are safe on sensitive stomachs and interchangeable with regular dog food.

WEIGHT: 2.2oz 

MSRP: $2.99 1-pack, $4.99 2-pack

Meet Aster. She is the super UpaDowna adventure dog! She goes on just about every outdoor adventure we have.

Recently, we had been struggling to find a way to keep our super-pup super-fueled up for our adventures. Normally if we go camping overnight, we take her plenty of doggie kibble and make sure she eats some before we go exploring. When we are home, it's a different story. She gets some food in the morning but when head out on a day hike, I always catch her staring at (and sometimes begging for) my lunch. Then we found TurboPUP.

TurboPUP is a complete K9 meal bar that features 100% human grade ingredients which are 100% grain-free,  with added Omega's, vitamins and minerals. For example, their "Bacon Flavored Grain Free" bar has the following ingredients: Chickpea Flour, Egg Yolks, Whey Protein Isolate, Olive Oil, Organic Tapioca Solids, Proprietary Vitamin and Mineral Blend, Natural Flavors, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Organic Chia Seeds, <1% Salt.

Currently, they have two flavors; Bacon and, Peanut Butter. Aster didn't indicate a favorite, although she did choose the Bacon flavored bar before the Peanut Butter one. You can purchase one packs or two packs and the recommended serving size is based off of your dog's weight:

-up to 4 bars/day for dogs 35-45lbs

-up to 6 bars/day for dogs 55-65lbs

-up to 8 bars/day for dogs 75+

The TurboPUP is easy to carry, weighing and taking up the same amount of space as 2 Clif Bars. We found the best time to let her enjoy her TurboPUP bar was during lunch time and also at the end of our adventures. I could tell Aster enjoyed this product because of the way she protected her snack and ate it quickly. No hesitation what so ever! (Must be that bacon flavor!) Just be sure that your pup also has plenty of water to wash it down with.

Another reason to love this company is that it is a veteran/woman owned business which gives 5% of it's profits back to organizations supporting veteran and canine causes! Check them out today!

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