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Two Wheel Gear – Pannier Backpack Convertible


DESCRIPTION: bicycle pannier/backpack
MATERIAL: 600D Polyester with TPE Waterproof backing & UV Treatment
WEIGHT:2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg
MSRP: $129.00

When we’re not working at the UpaDowna Basecamp, we’re usually at a locally owned coffee shop around Downtown Colorado Springs so commuting by bike is important to us. Not only does UpaDowna staff travel by bike a lot, but so do our readers and program participants. That’s why we decided to test the Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible. This lightweight and durable backpack has many valuable features in a small package. As a pannier, two heavy duty plastic clips attach the bag to most* bike racks and includes a locking “switch” to keep the bag secure at the top. The bottom of the backpack shoulder straps have clips that also serve as an additional securing device for the pannier to the rack.

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible, photo of the back of pack on a bike rack. Fits most rounded, not square, rack systems.


As a pannier, the backpack straps conveniently hide in a pouch on the back of the pack and are easy to slide out and clip together for backpack use. They stow away safely when cycling so that no straps get caught in the wheel.
The weatherproof pannier also comes with a waterproof, fluorescent, and reflective rain cover. It is easily stored in a front, separate pouch which makes it nice to keep it separate from other items so they don’t get wet. The front pouch also serves well as a U Lock storage area.
As a backpack, it is fairly easy to convert from a pannier. The shoulder straps have an across-the-chest clip which was easy enough to adjust to the proper location for comfort. Although while opening the pack, I did find the zippers a little stiff at first, especially around the edges. I’m sure this is something that might loosen up with use. There are two elastic water bottle sleeves, one on either side of the pack. which might be better as an adjustable drawstring because my bottle wanted to shift out of the pocket.  The front features a bottom zip pouch for the rain cover and a lock, while the top pouch is a soft, padded pocket for a cell phone or sun glasses.
The main compartment of the pack includes a padded laptop or tablet pouch, pen holder, elastic pocket, and an inner zip pocket for essential bike tools, tubes, and pumps. I was pleasantly surprised that my huge Mac fit in this tiny pack! The inside of the pack is quite spacious and could also fit my helmet if I took out items from the main compartment. The pack has a hard time standing vertically, so I think a solid bottom might help when sorting through items inside the pack when it’s resting on a table or floor. Another recommendation I have is for the inside zip pouch to have a zipper at the bottom of the pouch. When the pack is opened, the flap essentially flops open and if the zipper at the top of the pouch is open, everything falls out. Even two zippers on this pouch might make it easier to access items without them falling out?
For transport to and from the bike, the back pack conveniently has a carry handle on the top so that you can carry it to your destination and then attach the shoulder straps if needed. Overall, this bag is very convenient as a quick and easy transport of items needed during the workday. With some breaking in, I have a feeling I’ll be using it a lot for our downtown meetings!
Ride On!
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