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Unseen Danger

When setting out for any outdoor adventure or any adventure for that matter, there are always dangers and risks involved. When thinking of the outdoors and camping most people immediately think of bears, mountain lions, snakes, falls, rushing water, lightning, and various weather conditions to name a few. The list goes on and on, but it’s nothing that should detract you or your family from going out and enjoying the wilderness areas. Safety all comes down to awareness, preparation, knowledge, and practice. Sadly enough though there are many risks and unseen dangers that most people are unaware of. Tragically one such example hit very close to home recently. Two members of a family from here in Colorado Springs passed away early this summer while on a camping trip. At first the deaths were thought to be from a lightning strike while in a tent. This time that wasn’t the case. The cause of death is now known to be from carbon monoxide poisoning from the use of a stove inside a tent. For many folks you’re probably wondering how this could happen in the outdoors. Well, believe it or not it’s not uncommon. Tents and stoves do not mix. The ventilation of a tent with a rain fly does not provide an adequate quality of air to circulate for the gases released from stoves in the condensed area.

Be aware of what you are doing as well as you’re fellow companions. Awareness of dangers such s this is the only way to prevent it from sadly costing any others their lives. thoughts and prayers go out to their family and loved ones. We send our condolences.



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