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UpaDowna Coffee…It’s Delicious!

Aaaannnnd now we've got our own coffee! Before I go any further with this you should be aware we are not looking to take over the coffee world. I am not a roaster nor a coffee aficionado…in fact I still have fond memories of liquid coffee concentrate I got while in the service, which was drinkable, to say it kindly. The good thing is that I know a really good guy who is both a phenomenal coffee roaster and aficionado to say the least! Start talking about coffee and he perks up sits up straight in his chair even leaning forward towards the conversation to take it all in and what's more is that his eyes start to twinkle as he becomes fully excited. My friend Brett has been professionally roasting for years back east and his enthusiasm for his trade is contagious! Brett is all passion and knowledge when it comes to the little bean (which is really a seed, I was informed, and not a bean at all).

The story behind this is one is unique and I want to take some time and tell you about how UpaDowna got it's very own delicious gourmet coffee. Brett B. and his family are fairly recent transplants to Colorado Springs, COLO and while searching for fun family things to do they came upon our Wednesday night Joy Ride cruiser ride. For those not familiar we host a ride that draws upwards of 100 people of all ages with all types of bikes and we proceed to ride a nice 6-8 mile loop on local greenways and city streets. Anyway after a great season of riding with us Brett and his wife and two children wanted to say thanks to UpaDowna and so he focused his passion and business on making an impact locally for our non-profit and what he came up with is offering a line of amazing coffees labeled as UpaDowna coffee and giving 100% of the profits to our programs! Currently we are offering Costa Rica, Mountain Blend, French Roast and Mexican Sweet Water Decaf, all in whole bean or ground. You can find the coffee at our Base Camp located inside Mountain Equipment Recyclers 1024 South Tejon, C/S COLO, 80903. and soon we hope to be able to ship it out individually or as a subscription based monthly delivery service. (Let us know if you're interested!)

The coffee runs $12/bag and features only the finest beans and the most amazing roasting process that captures all of the fine nuances of the coffee. All of the coffee is Fair Trade certified and we are so excited to have the amazing opportunity to offer our fans a great coffee and you all know that all of the proceeds will help us continue our mission of getting every person outdoors. It really is a win-win you get great coffee and we get the funding to continue to excite and educate people about adventure in the great outdoors!!     

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