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Urban Armor Gear- Valkyrie iPhone 6 Case


DESCRIPTION: Cell phone case
MATERIAL: Armor shell and impact resistant soft core
MSRP: $34.95

Now granted, this kind of “urban armor gear” won’t protect you during the Zombie Apocalypse, however, it will protect your phone from most of the everyday battles it goes through. I’ve been a fan of the Lifeproof cases for awhile (until a case malfunction made it almost impossible to get a new case or to even get help…).


Enter UAG! Just in time, they were nice enough to contact us to see if we’d like to review their cases and I was happy to do so! I ordered an iPhone 6 case called the Valkyrie. While it’s not waterproof, it is attractive, (think girl transformer),  lightweight, durable and easy to put on and take off. I did have a little trouble applying the screen cover, user error I guess. It would be nice if they included a backup, just in case. Oh well, I still went without the screen cover and used the case.

Like I said before, the case is very easy to put on and take off, just take caution when applying the screen cover. Now, usability of this case is awesome! It’s very easy to access all points including the charging port, headphone jack, volume, on/off and silence switch. The raised buttons over the volume controls make it not only easy to find without looking but also serves as a great grip point.


There are a few riveted areas on the case that also serve as great grips but the volume control buttons are still my favorite. This phone has been dropped many times while in the case and the impact resistance edges not only protected my phone but not so much as even a scratch or scuff shows up on the black edges. The case meets military drop-test standards and it still looks as good as the day I got it! Since my phone is not invincible (although I wish it was…) I have inevitably spilled things on it. As I rushed to take off the case and clean off my phone, I didn’t pay any attention to the sticky drink that was slowly drying on my case. Once I finally got back to the case to clean it, it was really easy to just use a wash cloth with warm water. The juice came right out and it didn’t cause any issues when I put my phone back in the case. If you’re looking for a simple but highly durable cell phone case that is affordable, look no further. They also have a variety of other cases to protect your stuff, you know, in case the zombies attack!

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