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UST Deluxe Survival Kit – UpaDowna
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UST Deluxe Survival Kit

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Ultimate Survival Technologies is a company that is dedicated to helping keep your ass alive, whether you are military, law enforcement, a hiker, or a hunter more than likely they make something useful for you. In this review we are highlighting the Deluxe Survival Kit which contains a variety of their finest equipment.

Deluxe Survival Kit

Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 3 7/8" x 1 5/8" (16.5 x 9.8 x 4.1 cm)

Weight:  16 oz. (454g)

MSRP: $80

Before we get going on this review I want to stress upon you that I am not a fan of prepackaged kits. It doesn't matter if they are survival, medical or anything of the sort. I am an individual and I have a skills that allow me to personalize my kits based off of my abilities. Now the ideal thing would be to mix and match a kit but usually it is more cost effective to buy a base kit and add things as necessary. I do feel that this kit does offer a variety of useful gear that should be in your kit. Below is a list of the components included in the kit along with UST's description of what they do after each description I added our thoughts.

Components: BlastMatch™ Fire Starter: Simply put it is the world's finest one-handed fire starter! It generates intensely hot sparks three times hotter than a standard match. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never go back to flint again. BlastMatch™ is safe, easy-to-use, and works in any weather.

  • We agree this is a one handed mega spark shooting machine! Easy to use and very effective. It is bulky but it's bulk is probably the reason it is so easy to use simply because you can actually grab a hold of it

WetFire™ Tinder: You will love this amazing fire starting tinder is non-toxic, odorless, smokeless, and you can start a fire even in the driving rain. In fact, WetFire™ tinder burns longer when its WET! A small pile of tinder shavings is all you need to start a roaring fire.

  • Again we agree! Once lit this white tinder will continue to burn even in a water puddle. The individual packets seemed like the tinder flaked apart the longer it was exposed to air making it more difficult to keep the tinder usable. Also the size of the tinder albeit small is much more than is necessary to start a simple fire. Perhaps keeping the tinder in a small container would be better than the foil packets it comes in.

StarFlash® Signal Mirror: This signal mirror is unbreakable, can be aimed precisely, floats and can signal for communications up to 100 miles away. You can use it hiking, camping, or backpacking to apply first aid or camouflage. StarFlash® was chosen as the premier signal mirror of the U.S. Air Force and other government agencies 10 years ago.

  • Meh average and effective…what more can I say? Remember all reflective surfaces will dull and loose their effectiveness eventually so keep them protected. Plus my compass has a mirror built in and my knife blade works well too!

JetScream™ Whistle: This whistle is one of the loudest in the world, any louder and it would cause physical pain, literally.  You can hear JetScream's™ amazing 122Db ear-piercing shriek, above most natural or man-made noises. It is equivalent to the sound of a rock concert or a jet at take off.  You can use JetScream™ in the city or woods for communication and personal protection.

  • Yeah this baby is LOUD! And you can effectively produce a decent sound even with diminished breath power. Made of plastic and is relatively flat and small. I am surprised that they are not laying claim to the loudest whistle in the world as did my old favorite the Storm with its 94Db!

SaberCut Saw: Our revolutionary hand-operated chain saw cuts and clears in both directions, so every stroke eats through whatever you need cut.  Its self-cleaning cutting teeth and custom carrying case make this a must for anyone spending time outdoors hiking, camping, or backpacking.

  • This takes a lot of precious energy as will any back country saw. I always carry a multi-tool that has a saw, so I doubt I would carry this as well. However it easily sliced through larger logs (but why would I need to?) where as even the largest multi-tool could not. After cutting a few logs my glove less hands were aching from the webbing handles. Once I dulled the blades my local hardware store was able to resharpen the teeth!

Aqua Bag: This convenient bag is watertight down to 15 feet, or you can use it to store an emergency water supply.

  • This wasn't in our kit, but I like the idea of having a way to carry water!

HardCache™ Carrying Case: Not only is the HardCache™ carrying case watertight, it is virtually indestructible. You can toss it around, sit on it, or step on it! You'll have a tough time damaging it. Keep it in your backpack, your glove compartment, your boat, or even your pocket!  You will always be ready for an outdoor adventure with this survival kit.

  • I am fairly certain this is the same as an Otterbox or Pelican case. And like both of those it is heavy but it is strong and durable.

All in all I think I would use the majority of the included product. Is the price worth it? Depends on what your life is worth. Yes this is a solid kit yes I will use some of the items but not all. I would keep this in my vehicle and am comfortable enough with it to use it should I need it. But there are some things lacking so always refer to the 10 essentials as a BASELINE for your survival kit.

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