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Valencia Grove Amber Ale


I’ve never met a Blue Moon that I didn’t like, and that holds true with their newest creation the Valencia Amber Ale. The Valencia pours to a beautiful amber body with a fluffy off white head. It gives off a pleasant aroma of wheat malts and yeast mixed with some citrus and floral hops. There’s a nice carbonation mouth-feel, but nothing over powering. Drink-abiltiy, this is a smooth ale with an ABV of 5.9% and you could surely knock back a few.

The Valencia Grove Amber Ale is a warmer feel Ale that’s great on a cold night when you are hoping for warmer weather. I’m gladly embracing the snow and hoping we get a lot more. I want to be able to enjoy the warm weather when it gets here, but I don’t want it to be a dry summer. So, please let it snow! And I’ll enjoy this lovely amber ale and think warm thoughts.

This is a seasonal treat, so be sure to get it while you can! If you are a fan of Ambers or Blue Moon you shouldn’t be disappointed.





12 oz.

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