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Vapur Quencher- Kid’s Customizable Water Bottle


Capacity: 14 oz (0.4L)

MSRP: $11

How do you ensure a child stays hydrated when they are out on the trail? Easy, buy them their very own Vapur Quencher! With all of the personalization we see in adult water bottles with tape, stickers and such it is no surprise that kids dig personalizing their stuff too! For most parents it can be difficult to not only ensure a child is staying properly hydrated but also to convince them to do it on their own. Fortunately Vapur thought of one neat way to fix both issues. They have a line of collapsible water bottles that come with fun stickers the kids can use to make neat faces on their very own water bottles. So now not only is a child stoked to put stickers on their water bottles but they get to make funny (or fierce) faces too.

We got in one of the Vapur Quenchers to see how our 5 year old liked it and from the moment we unwrapped the packaging he was all over it. He carefully chose the eyes and mouth and went to styling out his very own "friend". We're still not sure what to name the bottle, although to our son it is very important, one thing is clear, our son is always aware of where his buddy is and that he needs to drink water while he is out riding his bike, running, adventuring or what ever. It makes a great conversation piece during his school lunches and with the easy clip on the side of the bottle he can keep it secure and not lose it.

Marketing to the mind of a child was a nice touch that has greatly improved our son's understanding of not only responsibility over his possessions but it has aided in making new friends and obviously keeping him hydrated, the added bonus is that we can explain the environmentally aware decision not to use disposable/throw away water bottles. The Quencher comes in four neat designs and features a sport cap so your child can easily open and close it and it is freeze proof, dish washer proof, and is BPA free.

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