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Vasque: Talus Trek Low Ultradry

DESCRIPTION: Leather and mesh low cut shoe
MATERIAL: Nubuck Leather, Abrasion Resistant Mesh
WEIGHT:2 lbs.
MSRP: $139.99

I swear, the journey for the perfect outdoor shoe is never ending! With constant changes, new technology, and innovation, there always seems to be something newer and better. The leading footwear companies are constantly competing and challenging each other to constantly be developing a better shoe for us all. With that being said, the new Talus Trek Low Ultradry shoe from Vasque is leading the pack.


The Vasque Talus Trek Low Ultradry is a beefy durable outdoor shoe yet, nimble and sleek. I generally have a very hard time trusting my ankle with low cut shoes, but after very little time in the Talus my trust built and I was soon gliding down trails as if I didn’t have a care in the world. The feel of the Talus is somewhat form fitting and the heal cup really snugs your foot into a comfortable and secure fit. The outer of the shoe is constructed with a strong 1.8 mm nubuck leather which is a very durable material. At first when hearing leather on a low cut outdoor shoe I think of hot sweaty feet. The Talus’ construction is designed with an ample amount of mesh that provides awesome ventilation for the feet. Best of all a great piece of mind for a low cut shoe is an UltraDry™ liner, that really performs! Tested in mud, water, and light snow now, the toes managed to miraculously stay dry! The Vasque backing on this is to “Wear the Talus Trek Low year-round, regardless of the weather.” I tested this Talus now in a variety of conditions and stand by that.


There is a right tool for every job and unless your wearing this shoe in an environment a low cut shoe has no business being in to begin with, you’ll find the new Vasque Talus Trek Low Ultradry an all around complete show with great comfort.



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