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Vasque Velocity GTX – UpaDowna
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Vasque Velocity GTX

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MSRP: $125.00

Weight: 16 oz.

After multiple surgeries, it's been years since I've been able to securely and comfortably wear any form of a trail running or cross trainer type shoe. Why was I comfortable in the Vasque Velocity now, possibly because they're built for motion control on rugged trails, with a dual density EVA midsole that reduces over-pronation, while TPU-reinforced Airmesh and synthetic nubuck uppers provide support. That's the Vasque Velocity backing and I'm a believer. Prone to severely rolling my ankles I'm a little hesitant to wear any shoe over a good boot, but I'm trying to get back into it. The support I've had in the Velocity has really helped with this mental hurdle. I've logged nearly 30 miles of trail time in them now with no problems. Ranging from conquering the dreaded yet loved steps of the Manitou Incline, exploring the Beaver Creek Wilderness Area, trail running in Palmer Park, backpacking with Yeti, and looping Waldo Canyon. These shoes have earned their keep.

In the past I've always been a little biast towards buying shoes that only have Vibram™ soles, and I'm still a believer in Vibram. But now a days many companies are producing shoes that have their own traction technology that is quite comparable. The lugged traction on the Velocity GTX has held up and preformed greatly for me through water, mud, snow, ice, and slick rock faces. If this were a blind test I would have thought these shoes had Vibram soles.

Gortex (GTX) like Vibram is another great feature that has been a must with shoes for me. The water resistant technology has saved my feet and socks from a good soaking on many occasions, and once again they have lived up to the bill with Vasque Velocity. I've stood in creeks and ran through water, with my feet and socks coming out as dry as they were when they went in. My feet run hot, and GTX doesn't allow them to breathe as much as I would prefer, but that's no compromise for having dry feet.

This shoe is pretty sharp, I like it's look and really dig the reinforced toe on it. Most importantly though, it's comfortable!



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