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I love Colorado and the beers produced in this fine state. Gone are the days of two styles of beer, a standard and a light version. Now we have multiple flavors styles and it seems like every day new styles are coming about one of which is the very limited release of this dry hopped Saison from Odell Brewing Company. Unfortunately I was a little slow to catch this one and it probably wont be around much longer.

To call this a true Saison would be a bit off until you think to read the label and you see "dry hopped" and then it all comes together. This is a really nice mildly hoppy ale with Saison like characteristics. The flavors are a bit all over the place and seems to change when the beer warms to the proper temperatures of 50-55F.  This ale has a heartier mouth feel than I would expect but it does send me to the summer months with grapefruit, a slight pepper spice, and the tale tell bit of musty sweetness. The fact that Odell chose to dry hop this ale really shows the true spirit of the craft beer industry and opens up to us all that you can count nothing as ever really finalized in the craft beer world. The fact that Odell has decided to bottle some of their experimental brews from their aptly named Roots Brew (from the roots of brewing experimentation) that you used to only be able to get in the tap room saves me a trip to Ft. Collins and still lets me see what they are up to.

For a great addition to the mixer 12 pack this beer is a welcome treat and I eagerly anticipate the release of it's replacement, the Wolf Picker IPA!


12-pack mixed box

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