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West Coast Double IPA


When I went to my local liquor store I didn't have any specific beer or style in mind. I took some help with me, and I'm glad I did. I immediately went to assorted single beer fridge while, my partner in beer yesterday Stevie T. headed to the bomber fridge. Before I even got a good look Steve called out to me that he found a good one. I went over to see his selection and it was perfect! It was Sierra Nevada's West Coast Double IPA, 2014 Beer Camp Across America. 

The 2014 Beer Camp Across America is a 7 city traveling Beer Festival. To add some excitement and flavor to the tour stops Sierra Nevada has also invited every craft brewer in the U.S. to the locations along the tour. The beer selection should be great! It just so happens that the tour is hitting Denver, CO. this coming Friday (July 25), so this BOTW's timing couldn't be better. If you can't make any of the stops on the tour you're still in luck. Sierra Nevada has partnered with 12 other breweries to release a collaboration of beers for your tasting pleasure available in both bomber bottles and 12 packs. For more information on the Beer Camp Across America Tour and some of the other brew creations follow the link here, Beer Camp.

This week I stuck with Sierra Nevada's own West Coast Double IPA. The West Coast Double IPA pours to a hazy golden body with a foamy white head. I was a bit surprised by the taste. It doesn't have the usual super hoppy bitter taste that is usually noticeable with Sierra Nevada IPAs. It didn't seem to effect the ABV though, topping out at a tall 8.5% This one is a bit smoother and sweeter on the follow than their other IPAs. The sweet flavor comes from the citrus side of the taste. The feel is smooth and somewhat creamy, with a well balanced carbonation. Adding to this beers awesome taste and feel is it's price tag. At just under $6.00 this is one of the best beers I've ever had for the price. It's a steal! I highly recommend this Double IPA to anyone who's a fan of the sort. This is a great beer that I want more of in my fridge. Hats off to Sierra Nevada, you truly nailed this one!








24 oz.

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