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White Rascal



It was another busy week for UpaDowna, but somehow we found time  for a new Beer Of The Week(end). It wasn’t just any brew either, it was another great product home brewed here in Colorado! White Rascal is a Belgium style White Ale brewed and bottled at Avery Brewing Company, Boulder Colorado. It’s unfiltered with yeast floating at the bottom, so pour it slowly into an UpDowna pint glass to let it achieve it’s full potential! It’s also spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peals which give it a refreshing zesty taste. It’s the perfect compliment to any hot day, or summer BBQ. We just finished grilling and enjoying a light evening rainfall, setting the mood with White Rascal. I hope I enjoy more BOTW’s as much I enjoyed this one. I end this week with a toast to; a new respect for farming, huge spiders, MTB races, Crossfit competitions, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Jarhead for not giving up, the Roast of David Hasselhoff, triumphant stories of amputees conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro, the mighty Maroon Bells claiming another life, R.I.P. Spencer James Nelson, lightning, The Expendables, Drew Hayden’s bachelor party, SPF 50, the annual Craft Lager Festival, wonderful friends, White Rascal, and finally to you our readers. Menikmati, Bunny

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