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It doesn't matter if you're a weekend warrior, or if you sleep under the stars 300 nights a year. Wigwam has been making quality socks for all walks of life since 1905. Wigwam is proud of their products and really does care about environmental, sociological, and financial policies. They've been working with their local utilities to improve efficiency, minimize their carbon footprint, as well as reducing, reusing, and recycling their materials whenever they can. Pending on the availability of American wool, their socks are 100% home brewed right here in America! From the yarn spinners to the wool growers. I don't think I need to write that much about our economy, but it's huge when American brands keep their products American made!

Some of the great socks made by Wigwam include, but are not limited to: Trail Mix Fusion, Outlast Weather Right, Merino Comfort Sportsman, and one that hits home for me, the Hot Weather BDU. My feet tend over heat and sweat pretty easily, so I'm constantly searching for a sock that can allow my feet to breath. Wigwam has pulled through for me with this line up! If I had to pick favorites I would have to go with the Trail Mix Fusion or the Hot Weather BDU for warmer temperatures, but in the snow the Merino Comfort Sportsman and the Outlast Weather Right have really prevailed!

Wigwam's innovative Outdoor sock line features different technologies such as Pro Series, Outlast, and Fusion. These three make a great team, doing things like regulating the temperature of your feet in hot or cold weather, while keeping them dry, without sacrificing comfort!

Pro Series: This is Wigwam's patented moisture control. This is done by the use of Hydrophilic fibers placed in the instep and leg to absorb moisture using capillary action, while hydrophilic fibers in the foot bottom repel moisture upwards.

Fusion: Exactly what it sounds like. They have simply taken a sock and a liner and made them one. The liner aspect is great is for repelling moisture away from the foot, while the moisture absorbing fibers on the outside of the sock draw moisture away from the foot to the outside of the sock.

Outlast: PCM or Phase Change Material that is combined with acrylic fibers or viscose rayon fibers. The PCM is able to absorb extra heat generated by the human body when it is too warm and releases heat from the human body when it is too cold. Thus it serves as a temperature regulating material. Ideal for use in socks where the person wearing them is engaged in active pursuits. Its properties also reduce perspiration.

Socks aren't cheap. You can buy a 12 pack of Hanes cotton socks for the price of one good pair of Merino Wool socks. If the budget is tight, and you can only afford one good pair of socks, I would have to recommend the Weather Right. This pair of socks is the best multi weather bang for your buck, and getting the most use out of your stuff is important! Wigwam truly has a sock that will best suit your needs, no matter what that might be. From the outdoors, to the office, and everything in between. Don't believe it take the time to browse the hundreds of socks on the Wigwam website.



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