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Winter Lager


It's a gloomy cold day here in Colorado Springs and the weather just can't decide if it wants to snow or not. Perfect weather for a toasty, warm bodied Winter Lager. 

The Samuel Adams Winter Lager pours to a brownish copper body with a fluffy beige head. Bready Malts hit your taste buds on the front end of the drink with sweet notes that follow. The sweetness tends to linger a bit. The mouthfeel is light with medium carbonation. Cinnamon spices are likely my favorite character in this Winter Lager treat. It's a toasty and light style from Sam Adams which I found to be all the more reason to like this one. It's an extremely smooth brew that goes down easy. After playing in the snow today this was a great beer to kick back and warm up with.




12 oz.

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