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Wipa Snapa


Before a recent overnight camping trip, I found myself in the liquor store looking for something a little lighter to set the pace for a calm evening around the campfire. I saw the Wipa Snapa and I knew it would be perfect. Sometimes you set out with a particular beer style and taste in mind and sometimes you just stumble across something awesome. I got lucky on this one, as it was exactly what I wanted.

The Wipa Snapa pours to a bright clear yellow with a surprisingly large white head. A sweet and citric aroma filled the air near the rim of my pint as I raised the glass to drink. The citric scents are reinforced with tart flavors like grapefruit that come through strong on the taste side. A clean feel mixed with a great carbonation balances out the mouthfeel. This is a great sipper beer. Not because it’s strong, but because it has a great taste that is very enjoyable. Just a pleasantly calm beer great for a peaceful night and some good relaxation. With a smooth 6% ABV this a great brew to session a few down if you’re in the mood. I enjoyed kicking back with this one and some buds around the campfire. More than one would have been nice and would have allowed me to share. It’s all I had though so I savored it. I knew that this night would be one of the last warm camping nights I would have this year and I was going to enjoy it. The overall calm night, the campfire, good friends, and the Ska Brewing Wipa Snapa just made for an awesome combo for a perfect relaxing night and a farewell to the season.





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