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Wolverine: Creek Bed


  • Upper: Mesh
  • Lower: Rubber
  • Weight: 1 lbs. 4 oz.
  • MSRP: $82.00

The Creek Bed water shoes from Wolverine quickly became a shoe I fell in love with long before ever getting them in the water. The Creek Bed is designed to be a light weight water shoe that drains easy, and an ubber grippy outer sole that provides great traction.

It was late winter here in Colorado when the shoes arrived, so the farthest thing from my mind was testing these bad boys in the water. I wanted to give them some time on foot anyway to see how they felt overall. I started wearing them to the private training facility I attend to see how they'd hold up against some active use. Hammering out sets of squats and lunges on leg days followed by the rest of the training routines caused no stress to the shoe at all. High intensity workouts along with interval sprints were no match for the Creek Beds either. I was amazed by their durability. The shoe is not designed for this use, but due to its mesh construction I wanted to test the breathability on my hot feet at the gym. My feet kept cool and comfortable all the while when wearing them (writing about them is making me wish they were on my feet now). On the comfort side of things and durability, on dry land they were outstanding.

Soon enough spring slowly started to creep in and I couldn't wait to get the Creek Beds in some water. It was still pretty cold here in the Rockies, so Steve and I decided to grab some gear and head to Moab, UT. The conditions were perfect for the Creek Beds. I charged through mud, sand bars, still water, currents, slot canyons, and scrambled with them on wet and dry rock. All obstacles I placed in front of these light weight shoes were quickly smashed by their durability and firm traction. One main feature that is designed to drain water from the shoe is the Cross Channel Circulation Technology. This is a ventilated drainage system located beneath the shoe's insole that could give some city's aqueduct systems a run for their money. Water quickly and most efficiently drains from the shoe at a very fast rate. Utah was the perfect environment for this shoe, and I really loved having them in the slot canyons. The outer sole gripped to the sandstone amazingly well wet or dry, and that Cross Channel Circulation draining worked phenomenally.

After some good old mud sloshing and slick rock bashing in Utah, I had one more test I wanted to put the Creek Beds through, running some white water rapids back in Colorado. As far back as I can remember I'm not sure if there has been a better year for rafting in my days. The water level is extremely high here this year and the rapids are moving fast! Slimy river rock didn't put up much of a challenge either. The shoes traction was outstanding here as well. The mesh and the drainage system worked exceptionally once again. The key here though was the shoes secure fit feeling and ability to stay on the foot in the rapids.

Overall the Creek Beds were outstanding in all of the environments I pushed them through. They are extremely light weight and durable. They dry fast and allow the foot to breath throughout wear.




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