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Wolverine Pulsar


  • MSRP: $160
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 4.8 oz. (pair)    
  • Height: Low-cut
  • Polyurethane Midsole
  • GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort
  • Vibram® Outsoles
  • Wolverine iCS

The trail and good shoes has always been a give and take relationship. Many companies offer great shoes, but often you will find too much attention to certain areas of shoes resulting in the sacrifice of other areas. Common and understandable examples of this tend to be the lighter the weight the thinner the lugs, weaker soles, less stability, and minimal toe-savers. On the other hand the more materials used the heavier the shoe is going to be, that's a no brainer. The real trick to finding a good pair of outdoor shoes is finding a balance amongst the shoes components that cater to your specific needs. For me I look for stability, breathability, and comfort first and foremost. I'm not a trail runner so I'm able to sacrifice more in weight to make room for comfort and stability. The Wolverine Pulsar iCS low-cut Trail Hiker is a shoe that I believe has done an amazing job of blending the desired specs for outdoor shoes, with minimal sacrifices to other areas of the shoe. The Pulsar is a very well rounded outdoor shoe. 

For years Wolverine has made top quality boots and shoes for all walks of life. Using new technology Wolverine is continuing their tradition of being leaders and innovators amongst footwear companies. A great example of technology that Wolverine is using is the Wolverine iCS, which can be found in the Pulsar. The Wolverine iCS is an exclusive patented gel disc located in the heel of the shoe underneath the insole, and is easily accessed. The iCS disc allows you to control the comfort of the shoes to meet the demands of your foot for any terrain!

Having the foot and ankle issues that I do, I have found the Wolverine Pulsars to be an amazing pair of shoes that greatly meet the demands of my feet. For a low cut show I am amazed by how much stability these shoes have. The shoe is constructed with an upper mesh that is stabilized by a reinforced polyurethane overlay, that allows the shoe to be breathable without sacrificing stability. With the reassurance of the Vibram® rubber lug outsole and performance arch stabilizers, combo'd with the GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort that keeps feet dry and protected by being durably waterproof and breathable, I have had no problems or concerns with pushing these shoes through the vast conditions of terrain and weather that Colorado has to offer. To my surprise those little Wolverine iCS gel insert discs worked amazingly, and my feet stayed comfortable throughout everything!  

The biggest concern I can see for people looking at this shoe I'm guessing is going to be the price point. At $160 you can find a lot of shoes for less, but like I tackled earlier, with those other shoes you will find the sacrifices. If you can get over the cost this is an extremely well rounded and durable shoe. I'm willing to bet that the Pulsar will also easily double the life of your run of the mill $80 pair of shoes, so in the end you're really not out anymore cash. 

In my mind there is no argument that your footwear is the most highly used and abused piece of gear you have (with the exception of water sports and such that take you off your feet or limit your footwear). Every step you take, along with time spent simply standing is use of your footwear. This unsung hero of gear is often taken for granted. I strongly urge you to well equip your feet and not be afraid to invest in a high quality pair of shoes such as the Wolverine Pulsars. Like Wolverine says, "hike longer, climb higher, trek deeper, and go further".



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