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Womens Keen Haven CNX Hiking Shoes

The Keen Haven CNX is designed to make hiking feel more natural. This low-profile, lightweight shoe allows the foot to move more naturally. The CNX line of Keen shoes all weight less than 10 oz but do not take away from any of the protective features such as the toe protection.


-2mm static laces
– Durable synthetic overlays on breathable 3D mesh
– Moisture wicking Dri-Lex lining reduces friction
– Non-marking rubber outsole
– Proprietary lightweight PU midsole compound for long lasting support and comfort

Weight: 8.2oz (WMS size 7)

MSRP: $110

I was very excited to get this box of shoes. When I pulled the Keen box out of the FedEx wrapping, it felt like nothing was in it. I had to shake the box to be sure, they were that light! We were headed for a hike that afternoon so I immediately put them on and off we went. It was a warm summer day and I knew we would be crossing some creeks as well. During the hike (which was quite rocky), I tried to purposely walk on top of some pointy rocks, just to test the protection. While I could feel the rocks, it wasn't to the point of pain. They had great traction for small inclines but steep ascents were not kind to these shoes. Towards the end of the hike, I decided to cool off my feet and walk in the creek with the Havens on. Of course, they filled quickly with water but just as soon as they filled up. they drained on the rest of the hike. The hot summer air helped to dry them out after a mile or so. Once we were back in the car, they were completely dry.

My favorite use for these hikers are trails that do not have softer sandy-type trails or moist, dense forests with just roots and not a lot of rocks. I steer clear of steep, rocky terrain with these shoes. For my hiking needs, I'd choose to purchase a beefier pair of shoes that are still lightweight but not to the point of minimalism like the CNX line is.

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