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Yakima Wheat Ale

SIZE: 12 .oz
ABV: 5.0

After a quick hit and run snow storm moved out today opening southern Colorado up to beautiful blue bird skies, I changed my pick from a seasonable stout to a sessionable and light brew. This week’s BOTW pick is the Yakima Wheat Ale from Schlafly Beer. I picked this bad boy up during my last trip into the Midwest. It was kind of a dig deep into the collection beer, looking for something new and fun to try. The Yakima pours a very light gold color with a thick white fluffy head. Lacing clings to the glass well as you enjoy this glorious ale. The Yakima feels and tastes about as light as it looks. This easy drinker has a nice mouth feel with a sweet flavor and aroma. Staying on the light side of things the ABV doesn’t stray far from the flavor at 5.0% and an IBU rating of a mild 25.

The Yakima Wheat Ale is nothing but an easy drinker, probably better appreciated during it’s normal drinking season of April-Septmeber. But if you are enjoying an unseasonably warm fall day or need a lighter and more refreshing beer, there’s nothing wrong with this choice!



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