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Yellow Snow


We've been told not to eat the Yellow Snow all our lives, but I've never heard anyone saying anything about not drinking it!

Yellow Snow IPA is another tasty drink from Rogue Ales. This IPA is loaded with hops and a full dry taste. The Yellow Snow pours to a hazy orange body with a fluffy full off white head. Tons of sticky lacing clings to the glass all the way through this beer. There's a good amount of citrus to the aroma mixed with floral hops to bring a pleasant smell to this brew. On the taste side it's bitter and hoppy with a very dry follow. The carbonation is on the high side. A combination of the carbonation and bitterness can bring your mouth to a pucker feel.

The Yellow Snow is a more than decent IPA worthy of throwing back from time to time. Who knew that drinking Yellow Snow could be so pleasant?





22 oz.

Delina “Dee” Auciello was born and raised on Long Island, NY. She attended Providence College and earned her BA in Public Community Service and Global Studies with a minor in Black Studies. During her time in college she focused on youth development and community building; she lead social justice-oriented trips to Cape Town, South Africa, Tijuana, Mexico, and Santa Ana, El Salvador. Since graduating from school she has been constantly on the move; she’s lead trail crews in the Grand Canyon, promoted women’s empowerment in Tanzania, and mentored campers while road tripping across the US and Canada. She is new to Colorado Springs and is incredibly excited to be a part of an organization dedicated to breaking down barriers to access and getting ALL people outside.

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