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SIZE: 22oz
ABV: 6.5

YES! This has been an amazing week, we ride bikes during the Pedal Party, cleaned up a section of urban trail we had adopted, and we got to teach some amazing ladies the basics of Stand Up Paddle boarding, what’s more is that we are well on our way to getting ROAR planning dialed, we are fo sho a part of the Clips beer and film tour, the Springs Beer Fest AND the Slide the City! AND I got sweet new cobranded long board from Kota and long time UpaDowna sponsor/supporter Heuberger Subaru!!!

Holy cow summer is amazing! And what better way than to bust out a sweet, zesty, and waaaaayyyyy too drinkable cold beer! That’s the best description I have of this amazing beer. Zarabanda is a saison brewed with a bit of Spanish flair, thanks to renowned Chef Jose Andres and his thoughtful additions of Lemon Verbana, Pink Peppercorn, Sumac, and Dried Lime. The gentle malt and extremely well balanced flavor profile of this ale make for an amazingly smooth summer sipper. As you all know I am a huge hop head, loving all things bitter and hoppy, but this beer is one that I hope to have on hand to impress my friends, or enjoy on the back porch watching the summer storms roll in.

Sitting at a mellow 13 IBUs and 6.5% ABV this beer and has such an amazing flavor profile that it reminds me of why I love the craft beer industry. I am glad this comes in 22oz bomber it is the perfect size to fully enjoy all of the amazing nuances. I only hope more breweries start working with chefs that know how to create great flavorful adventures for all of us to enjoy. The more I think about it, I wonder why more breweries don’t follow Deschutes’ lead and work with chefs more often!  If you are looking for a true taste treat that still hold true to what craft beer is all about, I highly recommend this beer. Even if you’re not stoked on saisons I still think this might be a good one to give a shot.

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