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Zeal Optics Zing – UpaDowna
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Zeal Optics Zing

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"Zeal" is Greek in origin meaning an extreme passion in the pursuit of what you do. I love this motto and extreme passion and pursuit is how I tested my Zeals. The Zing Polarized sunglasses are a women's specific frame that is also specific for an extra small face.

Zing Polarized in Red Woodstripe

  • MSRP $100
  • EXTRA small face specific design
  • light-weight hybrid frame
  • reversible nose pads for custom fit
  • 100% UV A+B protection
  • Rx-able design

When I was first introduced to the Zing at the Winter OR Show, I thought I was holding a pair of kid's glasses. The lenses are normal size, yet the "temples" (parts that go over your ears) are significantly shorter. This allows the glasses to fit comfortably right behind my ears, not putting too much pressure on my head or interfering with a bike helmet. They feel like someone made a mold of my face and custom designed these shades for me! The fit and comfort is out of this world! The lenses are wide and have a great unobstructed view. I love the sticky rubber on the ear area as well as the nose pads. The nose pads are also "reversible"  for an even better custom fit. The frame is lightweight, yet durable and attractive! Recently, I took the Zing for the ride of it's life! They were gear tested on a mountain bike ride, Upa Buckhorn and Downa Capt. Jacks! It was a pretty crazy ride, especially on a steel framed 29er 1×8! But, they survived and never shifted or fell off of my face! Zeal is also an advocate for the enviornment, with most of their glasses being made with recycled materials. A recycled hard protective case comes with every sunglass purchase. They will also be running a pilot program soon to recycle old sunglasses and get you into a new pair of Zeals!

Even if you don't think you have a small face, you may have an oval or triangle shaped face, for which they also have specific frames for! Check out their handy Fit Finder to find the right type for you!


Congratulations to Aaron Stunt Card!

Aaron entered to win the Zeal Costa Azul Trip Giveaway and they will thank him by sending him a pair of sweet shades! Aaron, please email us your address at upadowna@gmail.com so we can ship you your Zeals!

Thanks to all who entered to win the Zeal Optics giveaway! If you didn't win the glasses, you still have a chance for the Costa Azul Trip Giveaway!


Adventure On!



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