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Zeo Sleep Coach

Complete Training Begins With A Good Night Of Sleep.

Brain wave reading head band…check. Alarm clock that knows when to wake you…check. Wife claiming your are now "more pleasant" in the morning…well… Two out of three ain't bad! However this maybe just the technology you've been waiting for. Whether you are in constant training or simply looking to have a more restful nights sleep the Zeo Sleep Coach may be the answer you've been looking for. Zeotastic Sure you've changed your diet, you have even researched the latest and greatest exercises and gear to get you to that podium finish you've been lusting after. But for some reason there always seems to be something missing. Well it might be time to asses your sleep patterns. The Zeo Sleep Coach allows you to track your sleep stages so you can figure out what you need to do to better rejuvenate during rest. zeo_sleep_system The science behind the Zeo is that with the aid of an semi-unobtrusive headband monitor it reads your brain waves and logs the amount of time in each stage of sleep; Wake, REM, Light, Deep. Once you have accumulated data from 7 nights of sleep you connect the included SD card to your computer and it will break down the ups and downs of your sleep habit. This is where the coaching begins. Some of the advice is pretty common sense such as try not to go to bed tense, don't fall asleep in front of the TV, no caffeine right before bed etc… but then there are little bits of information that you might not consider. Such as the foods you eat as well as how the process of getting to bed should be looked at as a decompression and relaxing period to guide your body into the sleep state. Shortly after I started running through the coaching I was more cognizant of my new routine and was pleased with the results, which ranged from waking refreshed and ready for the day, less need of a caffeine boost, more focus and drive during daily activities and according to my wife, a much better mood! The coaching is more of a nudge in the right direction towards your goal of better more restful sleep, fortunately it is more forgiving than the ruler wielding posture police of yesteryear. There is no electric shock or yelling only the gentle email nudges filled with suggestions on how to become zen about sleep. To supplement the data gathered by the headband monitor you need to log into the Zeo web site and answer a few questions about your life, lifestyle and over all goals. Once all of this data is crunched you are provided with a personalized suggestion database geared towards your individual needs. From what I can tell the Zeo is a gentle reminder to relax and slow down, all the while aiding you in gently re-programing your routine and habits to get a better night sleep. Personally the worst part of my nightly slumber prior to the Zeo was the screeching alarm clock every morning which has been replaced with soothing sounds of which my favorite is the "rainforest" themed alarm complete with chirping birds and running water. Word of caution: those of you with tiny bladders should steer clear of the running water sounds. After giving the Zeo a go for 2 months I am convinced that this can be useful training aid. The value of consistent good nights sleep is amazing. Although I did seem to remove the headband in my sleep once a week or so. Which is no big tragedy because once you get the system going missing a day here or there is no big deal. Another really great feature is that the Zeo becomes more personalized the more you use it, it is designed to be your personal sleep coach. The beauty of this system is it is relatively effortless and the rewards are pretty amazing. The folks at Zeo have really done their research and are ready to guide you towards a more refreshing night sleep using their online sleep coaching. ( $249 or $349 with lifetime online coaching.

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