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Zombie Dust

SIZE: 12oz
ABV: 6.2

What exactly is Zombie Dust? Is it a crazy cocaine mixture that Motley Crue used to shovel in their nostrils? Well yes, but it is also an amazing “American Pale Ale” that most people won’t get to drink, including you. Brewed by Three Floyd’s brewing in Munster, Indiana to give you a break during the zombie apocalypse. This beer is a single hop beer showcasing citra hops, which basically means drink it two weeks after it is brewed or prep your taste buds for the wonderful off flavor of cat urine. Citra hops are amazing but that is a downfall for them. Be a snob if this beer ever lands in front of you. Check the laser date on the bottle and pass on it if it’s over two weeks old. You wouldn’t want to ruin your first impression, because this beer is truly amazing fresh. Don’t set your expectation at a normal pale ale either, this comes across as an IPA. It’s great no matter what you call it. If you’ve had it and you disagree you should probably get back to your boxed wine.

The Beta:

Only available in the Chicago area and best if you got it by waiting in line at the brewery

Best ticked fresh

A good name drop when people start talking beer

Pairs well with anything…because it’s amazing

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